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Phuket Legal Firm offers comprehensive BOI registration services to our clients in Thailand. BOI, or the Board of Investment, is a government organization that promotes foreign investment in Thailand by offering a range of benefits and incentives.

What is BOI?

The BOI is a government organization that was established to promote foreign investment in Thailand. It offers a range of benefits and incentives to companies that invest in certain industries or areas of the country. These benefits can include:

  • Tax incentives, such as corporate income tax exemptions and reductions
  • Exemptions from import/export duties
  • Relaxed foreign ownership restrictions
  • Priority in obtaining licenses and permits
  • Access to infrastructure and facilities provided by the BOI
  • Assistance in finding suitable locations for investment
  • Promotion of investment projects and investment-related activities

BOI registration is a great option for companies looking to establish a presence in Thailand, as it can provide several advantages that can help businesses succeed in the country.

These benefits can be a significant advantage for businesses looking to invest in Thailand and can make the difference between a successful or a failed investment.

With the help of Phuket Legal Firm, the process of BOI registration can be made much simpler and less time-consuming, allowing businesses to focus on what they do best – running their business.


Why Choose BOI?

There are many reasons why companies choose to register with the BOI. One of the main benefits is the range of tax incentives and exemptions that are available. This can help companies save money on their taxes and increase their profitability. Additionally, the BOI can also provide assistance with the process of setting up a business in Thailand, including help with obtaining the necessary licenses and permits.

Another benefit of BOI registration is that it can provide access to a range of government services and resources. This can include assistance with finding the right location for your business, help with recruiting and training employees and support with marketing and promotion.

How Phuket Legal Firm Can Help

Phuket Legal Firm can assist with the BOI registration process, including document preparation and submission, as well as providing guidance on the benefits and incentives that are available. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of BOI registration and can provide personalized service to help you navigate the process and ensure that your application is completed correctly and in a timely manner.

Additionally, our team can provide valuable advice on the most suitable industries and areas for BOI registration based on your business goals and objectives. We can also assist with the ongoing compliance requirements, ensuring that your company stays in compliance with the BOI regulations and continues to benefit from the incentives provided.

Phuket Legal Firm can also assist with the work permit process for your ex-pat employees. Obtaining a work permit for ex-pat employees can be a complex and time-consuming process and our team can assist you in ensuring compliance with laws and regulations and providing valuable advice and assistance throughout the process.

BOI registration is an excellent option for companies looking to establish a presence in Thailand. It can provide a range of benefits and incentives that can help businesses succeed in the country. Choosing Phuket Legal Firm for your BOI registration needs can bring many benefits to your company. Our team will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and provide tailored solutions to help you achieve your goals. We will also keep you updated on any changes or updates in the laws and regulations that could affect your BOI registration status.

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