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The Thai authorities require companies doing business in specific industries to obtain license certificates.

Board Of Investment Application For Promotion

Thailand’s Board of Investment Promotion (BOI) is increasingly active in securing inward investment into Thailand. The BOI is promoting the following five target industries:

  • Agriculture and agricultural products.
  • Fashion, particularly leather, garments, and jewelry
  • Automotive assembly and parts and components industries
  • ICT and electronics industries
  • High value added services such as call centers, regional operating headquarters, and high value added printing and packaging.

There are considerable advantages to achieving BOI promotion status, but the application process needs to be managed with care to maximize the chances of approval. Contact us if you are thinking of applying. 

Customs Card

Businesses who wish to import or export goods from Thailand are required to hold a valid Customs card.

Alcohol License

If your business wishes to retail alcoholic beverages, it will need an Alcohol License. There are two types, a license to sell alcohol products made in Thailand only, and a license to sell alcohol
products from any country.

Food And Beverage License

Hotels, restaurants, cafes, and bars must have a valid Food and Beverage License to sell food and non-alcoholic drinks. We also deal with factory licenses, VAT registration, obtaining Tax ID numbers, Social Security Fund registration, and all types of special licenses. Our Legal Services Division would be happy to discuss your licensing requirements.

Boat license and charter, Import the boat and other licenses

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